BEGINNING – January 20

Usually I overthink whatever I’m doing before I do it for the first time. That’s already happened with this blog.  Fortunately, I was listening to WKSU yesterday when author Regina Brett gave her tips on writing.  The one that resonated with me was something like ‘the best way to start writing is to just start’.

So here goes.  January 2013 – the beginning of my 60th year and it’s is off to an unusually great beginning. This week the destination is Costa Rica, for a 2-part trip. Not the kind of travel I usually do.  My friend Dave & I will meet our Idaho friends Bill, Maryl and Karan there. First is a week of rivers with Costa Rica Rios, an “adventure company”. Part of this trip benefits Idaho Rivers United (right click & open in new tab), Bill’s river conservation group. The plan is shred, canoe (maybe), raft & do a canopy tour if the stars are aligned and my discomfort with heights doesn’t stop me.

a week of rivers

We won’t be roughing it.  This is their jungle lodge:

jungle lodge 2

The second part of the trip will be a week in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in a jungle house by the beach on the Caribbean coast. The beaches look like this:

costa rica beach

Here’s the house. It’s called Casa Mambo, has no screens, I’m not sure about doors &  it reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson.


This guy could be a neighbor like the toucans. Or he could be one of Bill Sedivy’s photos like the beach picture. See how I work in photo credits? (Thanks, Bill).CR monkey

The colder weather in Northeast Ohio this week is strong reinforcement for seeking out tropical temperatures, sun and water. This kind of new travel experience is not something I take for granted. Still feel the same excited anticipation I did before going on family vacations as a child. I hope to post  from Costa Rica, or on my return if that’s not possible.

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