Route 66

In Arkansas, we started our cold weather spurt, including SNOW — not what we envisioned driving southwest. That was three days ago & the white stuff and overnight temperatures in the 20’s & 30’s are still with us.  Outside of Oklahoma City, the interstate driving was a mess. Almost as bad as the whiteout that created havoc on I71 in Mansfield, OH the day we left.

We’re following Route 40 (the National Road)& the old Route 66 coincides with part of it. It was THE way to cross the country & many remnants of its history are there for the finding. Wednesday was a real Route 66 experience.

Shamrock, TX – U Drop-In, a former Conoco gas station, built in 1936 & art deco landmark. Perfect banyo stop that satisfied my curiosity.

Our destination last night was Tucumcari, NM, another former hotspot on Route 66.  As we were driving through Texas, I had to play “Willin'”, by Little Feat, once I figured out that was the song I knew with Tucumcari in it.


Then I got carried away playing every Texas musician I liked: Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Janice Joplin, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofersen. That got us across the panhandle into New Mexico.

In Tucumcari, it poured when we arrived at camp.  After it stopped we cooked dinner on the tailgate & found the local bar to keep warm & dry.  The Lizard Lounge at the PowWow Inn was a great place to hang out. Friendly people, interesting conversations, Dynasty on the large screen TV. An artist in town who does murals on and in local buildings. The ones in the Lizard were outstanding.

Today we drove through the Petrified Forest National Park.  Truly unique vistas, especially with the SNOW.  At least we weren’t competing with crowds! Now we are in Holbrook, Arizona at Romo’s Cafe.  Good food, service, internet connection and HEAT! Tonight’s camp is a truck stop that is “RV friendly”, not really a place where you want to arrive early and hang out.

7 thoughts on “Route 66

    1. joandr Post author

      So far no unicycling. It would have been warm enough this morning, except for 30+ mph wind gusts. We’re at Ric’s home now near Simi Valley & it’s in the 60’s.

  1. Jo Ann

    Ahh, Holbrook AZ I spent a couple of weeks there for a forest fire disaster relief… I think it was in July and very hot! Sorry the weather is not any warmer for you… Jo Ann

    1. joandr Post author

      We enjoyed Romo’s Cafe & their internet service. I was sorry we weren’t staying in the Tipi Motel where each room was a tipi. The weather has improved now that we are in CA at D’s college roommate’s home.

  2. John

    Love those petrified logs. I had small piece of petrified rock when I was a kid rock collector. My prized possession. Too bad about the snowy roads.

    1. joandr Post author

      I think we r done w the snow. Woke up to 20 degrees 7 am today. 50s now im Barstow, CA. We r in a local dive bar staying warm till we van go sleep. It’s only 7pm. We camp again at a Flying J tonight. I’ll write more on blog about how to camp free. It’s a whole subculture!



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