San Diego – posted March 3 from Alpine

The Support Person lobbied The Rider for being in San Diego long enough to get a feel for the area and see some stuff. Aka be tourists.  We arrived Wednesday afternoon and departed  Friday, March 1, when Dave began his unicycle ride to St. Augustine, Florida. And I began my blue highway touring across the USA!

San Diego is an easy place to fall in like with.  I knew there was way too much to see in a short time, so my BFF & I spent a lot of time together and I picked a few places to check out, most involving no cost.  My goal was to keep the touristing to a four hour max per day, knowing The Rider is not a Tourist like I am.

We drove directly to the San Diego Maritime Museum on the Bay.  It was a good place to start, easy to find and a good introduction to the bay. The highlights were The Star of India, a Tall Ship built in 1863 that circumnavigated the world 32 times. The other was a Russian sub built in 1974.

Second destination was La Jolla to visit the sea lions. Dave was a little skeptical about whether they would be laying on the beach just waiting for me. I didn’t want to leave.

We stayed at Campland on the Bay, a convenient RV park on Mission Bay. Met some interesting people, Rick & Kathy from Breckenridge & Berta from Santa Fe, sunbirds who spend months there. Nice evening of hanging out around the electric campfire. On Thursday we visited Balboa Park, an amazing green area in the heart of the city, home to museums, theater & the zoo. From there we went to Point Loma to see the Cabrillo monument & lighthouse.  Really you go there to take in the spectacular views of the bay and the Pacific. Since THE RIDE would start in the morning, we had a last supper at the Red Sails Inn on Shelter Island.

My deepest impression of San Diego was how SUNNY it is and how many people are out walking & cycling. Bike lanes are everywhere.

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