THE RIDE Begins – posted March 3 from Alpine, CA

The morning of March 1, Dave began his ride from the Dog Beach at Ocean Beach, where the San Diego River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The beginning is a bike path, but it soon turns into urban hills and lots of traffic. NOW IT IS REAL!

For details of THE RIDE from Dave’s perspective, you can click on the link on the right to read his blog. He also has a cool GoogleEarth map that shows where we are.

I walked the beach for an hour then went in search of our designated check-in spot along his route.  Keep in mind that I am driving a big-a.. truck that does NOT behave like my subaru wagon.

This is the third day of the ride & the hills leaving San Diego are intense, even for drivers. My challenge is locating The Rider on unfamiliar roads, when my route is not necessarily his route. We’ve camped at a Native American casino and at a real campground.  More on our camping choices in a different post. Gotta go find my Rider.

Storksbill -

Storksbill –

1 thought on “THE RIDE Begins – posted March 3 from Alpine, CA

  1. John

    I’ve been to San Diego twice in my short life. In the first visit I drove out into the neighborhoods in search of a book store. Found it after zigzagging through the streets that don’t go in a straight line. Been on the Star of India twice–I love tall ships. always have. I am beginning to understnad your system for this trip. Very intriguing. Stay safe!


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