Day 5 – posted from Jacumba Hot Springs, CA – March 5

NOTE: I’m not trying to post every day, because often internet is not available.  We’re finding it  where we can & playing catch-up. I’m getting to like Burger King coffee and meeting some interesting people in fast food restaurants with WiFi. What I am doing is documenting where we camp each night.  I worked with two bike blogs prior to the trip and developed a list of potential campsites they recorded.  It was really helpful & hopefully someone else may benefit from this one.

DAY 5 I’m writing from the Jacumba Lounge in Jacumba, CA, right on the Mexican border. It’s a cozy coffee shop/restaurant with WiFi.  Dwayne, the owner, has graciously let us hang out this afternoon through closing time & offered us a camping spot in the little park across the street. He also made great burgers for dinner. Everyone has been really friendly & interested in the unicycling adventure.  Especially Mike, whose comment upon greeting us when we parked in front was ‘sometimes you reach for the ceiling, but then the moon is there & you go for that’! They even took our picture.  I’m starting to feel like I’m travelling with a celebrity.

Here’s a link to a video some cyclists made last week while here in town. It captures the essence of the place:

Jacumba Hot Springs (pronounced “ha-COOM-ba”) is a census-designated place in the Mountain Empire area ofsoutheastern San Diego CountyCalifornia. It was treated as a census-designated place (CDP) for the first time in the 2010 census, when it had a population of 561. The National Geographic Names Database lists its elevation as 2,829 feet (862 m) above mean sea level (AMSL). On Feb. 26, 2013, theFederal Geographic Names Commission approved a petition by a citizen committee to change the town’s name from Jacumba, to Jacumba Hot Springs. In the 1930’s a train from San Diego brought tourists to the springs and a world class hotel.  Population peaked at 5000. (Wikipedia).

II spent my time today leapfrogging The Rider & still staying within a few miles because these are really BIG hills he’s conquering as we keep climbing away from San Diego. It seemed very strange to run into lots of border patrol & see this long fence cutting through the landscape. Reminded me of the Berlin Wall & the East German border in 1974. Kind of disturbing for lots of reasons.

DAY 4 finished at Lake Morena County Park near Buckland Spring, CA.  Still in San Diego County (the counties are huge in California). Lots of hills in mountainous terrain. Slow going for Dave, with steep climbs and descents. The Pacific Crest Trail that goes from Mexico to Canada ran through our campground.  The picture is for Mark & Sue, my friends who hiked 900 miles of it, starting at the Mexican border.

DAY 3 was also spent around Alpine, CA. For Dave, more hills. For me – blogging at Burger King & grocery shopping at Albertsons. Then more internet at McDonalds & dinner at the Alpine Brewery, a fun local place with good beer. Our overnight sleeping spot was the RV lot at the Viejas Casino. Casinos don’t care if you sleep in their parking lots. After all, you may need to get up in the middle of the night & gamble! Quiet, good coffee, long walk to bathrooms, free.

DAY 2 The challenge was to find the route & The Rider. Winding through two suburbs & following the San Diego river instead of the GPS because I got mad at it. Disappearing road names and no rider in site because he took a different way & I finally got back on the real route.  A hot day that ended at the Ma ta awa RV Park outside of Alpine. Nice park with a bonus jaccuzzi.

DAY 1 overnight was at the Sycuan Casino RV lot between El Cajon & Alpine. Crowded & loud inside with people glued to slot machines.  Outside the parking lot was ok except for the shuttle buses circling constantly to pick up people who don’t want to walk across the parking lots. Free.

5 thoughts on “Day 5 – posted from Jacumba Hot Springs, CA – March 5

  1. Susan Gerber

    Love your posts and pix. What an adventure – like saying yes to life!!! I’m planning to give you a call this weekend, just to say hey and catch you up on life in little old Willougbhy. Take care and give Dave a high-five! Ciao for now!

  2. John

    You two must certainly raise some eyebrows in those little towns. Or do they just take you in stride? Post when you can. Your loyal followers will hang on.


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