Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

DAYS 6, 7 & 8 – posted from El Centro, CA – March 8

DAY 6 After leaving Jacumba Hot Springs on March 6, we were very close to the the last peak and 8 miles of winding Interstate 8, with 6% grades and speed limits of 60 mph.  Fortunately, the road always had a wide bike lane with a good surface and plenty of opportunities for me to pull off ahead of The Rider. It was another short intense day.  On my part, a bit nerve wracking watching Dave coming down these hills on one wheel, but mostly uneventful. Traffic was light, so that helped. We were eager to get in front of a storm  that would bring snow to the 3500 feet plus elevations we were leaving.  The descent would eventually bring us to El Centro, which is below sea level.

DAY 7 was planned as a layover so Dave could take a break from riding. I selected the Sunbeam RV Park in Seeley, CA because it looked like a nice place to be. It proved to be a good choice – they charged us 1/2 the rate and it had a great pool with another jacuzzi.  We felt a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies among the large RV’s belonging to the snowbirds who wintered there for 4-5 months. Seven hundred campers, mostly Canadian, live on 326 lots. In the small world category, we met Doug & Gail Lear from Monroe, OH, where Dave’s son is an athletic trainer. We spent a fun evening with them at The Real Seelee Bar. Doug shared useful information about his bike trip from San Diego to FL a few years ago. He also introduced us to www.Crazyguyonabike.com, where cyclists post their bike travel blogs.

DAY 8 is today.  We thought it might be layover day number two, because rain and high wind warnings were issued that might have prohibited riding for a prudent person. The winds were less than predicted, but still challenging. The sun came out and Dave chose to go for it. He rode his greatest distance so far, 22 miles on a secondary highway into El Centro. No cyclists allowed on I-8 here. The desert views were striking, with wind turbines and mountains in the distance.   I had a lot of fun taking pictures along the way after I found a cup of coffee in Ocotillo.  We are headed back to the Sunbeam resort this evening for another overnight stay.