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DAY 10 & 11 – Sand Dunes & Desert Wildflowers – posted March 11 from Palo Verde, CA

Sunday we passed through the Imperial Dunes aka North Algadonis Dunes Wilderness area, the “Sturgis” of Southern California. Caravans of BIG RV’s with a trailer carrying their BIG utility vehicles.  Huge dunes 300 feet high. The area is 40 miles long and 5 miles wide, a popular weekend spot for yahooing around on utility vehicles.  It’s like the middle class Hell’s Angels chapter gatherings.  I met a really nice family who gave me a ride on their utility vehicle.  It allowed me to have a taste of the “Glamis experience”. Once was enough, but it gave me a better handle on the adrenalin rush.  The vehicle could go 70 mph & had incredible shocks to take the hills. Dave spent a large part of the day getting sand blasted & dealing with crosswinds & “dips”, i.e. small steep hills.

Our campsite, Mitchell Family Camp Association (really!) was right on the bike route & the former channel of the Colorado River.  The other side is Cibola Nature Preserve in Arizona. Great value for $15 a night.

We opted to stay 2 nights because choices were limited in this area.  It made it easy to start out on Day 11. I had a funny encounter at a Border Patrol checkpoint after dropping Dave off for the start of today’s ride.  Technically, I was leaving California & almost crossing into Arizona, so they stop vehicles.  A really cute guy (the kind I wasn’t sure whether it would be neat to adopt him or date him) was really interested in the sign on the truck about the Uni ride. After the usual explanation, I asked if they had a bathroom.  The conversation went something like this:

J – “Do you guys have a bathroom I could use?”  BP – “Just cells” – J – “Cells? Bathroom cells?”  BP – “Alien cells.” (Now I’m thinking Roswell Alien Amber Ale!) J – “Oh! I think I’ll head back to the campground.”

Dave said I should have used the cell & then I could say I was detained by the Border Patrol.  Honestly, I don’t know what these guys (always men) do all day, hoping to stumble across an alien!

The desert wildflowers are blooming & I’m having fun finding & photographing them. Then I do internet research to figure out what they are.

When we got back to the campground after Dave’s first 40 mile day, I found a new use for my sarong. Created my own computer cave to create enough shade so I could see the screen!