DAY 10 & 11 – Sand Dunes & Desert Wildflowers – posted March 11 from Palo Verde, CA

Sunday we passed through the Imperial Dunes aka North Algadonis Dunes Wilderness area, the “Sturgis” of Southern California. Caravans of BIG RV’s with a trailer carrying their BIG utility vehicles.  Huge dunes 300 feet high. The area is 40 miles long and 5 miles wide, a popular weekend spot for yahooing around on utility vehicles.  It’s like the middle class Hell’s Angels chapter gatherings.  I met a really nice family who gave me a ride on their utility vehicle.  It allowed me to have a taste of the “Glamis experience”. Once was enough, but it gave me a better handle on the adrenalin rush.  The vehicle could go 70 mph & had incredible shocks to take the hills. Dave spent a large part of the day getting sand blasted & dealing with crosswinds & “dips”, i.e. small steep hills.

Our campsite, Mitchell Family Camp Association (really!) was right on the bike route & the former channel of the Colorado River.  The other side is Cibola Nature Preserve in Arizona. Great value for $15 a night.

We opted to stay 2 nights because choices were limited in this area.  It made it easy to start out on Day 11. I had a funny encounter at a Border Patrol checkpoint after dropping Dave off for the start of today’s ride.  Technically, I was leaving California & almost crossing into Arizona, so they stop vehicles.  A really cute guy (the kind I wasn’t sure whether it would be neat to adopt him or date him) was really interested in the sign on the truck about the Uni ride. After the usual explanation, I asked if they had a bathroom.  The conversation went something like this:

J – “Do you guys have a bathroom I could use?”  BP – “Just cells” – J – “Cells? Bathroom cells?”  BP – “Alien cells.” (Now I’m thinking Roswell Alien Amber Ale!) J – “Oh! I think I’ll head back to the campground.”

Dave said I should have used the cell & then I could say I was detained by the Border Patrol.  Honestly, I don’t know what these guys (always men) do all day, hoping to stumble across an alien!

The desert wildflowers are blooming & I’m having fun finding & photographing them. Then I do internet research to figure out what they are.

When we got back to the campground after Dave’s first 40 mile day, I found a new use for my sarong. Created my own computer cave to create enough shade so I could see the screen!


5 thoughts on “DAY 10 & 11 – Sand Dunes & Desert Wildflowers – posted March 11 from Palo Verde, CA

    1. joandr Post author

      I’m easing into the creative cooking. Made some tasty lasagna in the dutch oven using no-cook noodles.Katie mentioned your tuna & rice dish, so I’m going to try a version of that using mushroom soup. Staying away from mayonaise & anything resembling a condiment!

  1. John

    So, if you are not *wearing* your sarong…what’s going on under there? That bottle of Bacardi could have something to do with your condition.

    1. joandr Post author

      Believe it or not the eternal sunshine can be a problem when you’re trying to see a computer screen. Especially when you are in the skimpy shade the desert scrub trees provide. I was cracking up, so I asked Dave to take my picture. My sarongsare really useful, so they travel everywhere with me! Beach towel, shawl, curtain & now…shelter!


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