DAY 12 – Blythe, CA – Quartzsite, AZ, posted March 13

The day did not start out well for me.  My Iphone battery was dying & I needed a verizon store quickly.  Fortunately, Juan at the store in Blythe was able to spend a lot of time with me & help me out.  End result: new Iphone 5 set up & good to go, and all was well. It took me forever to get out of Blythe & this was the first day Dave got to the end of his ride before I caught up with him about 4 hours later.

We met in Quartzsite, AZ, the “gem capital of the world” the Burger King where he was cooling off.  It’s the mid-80’s & we are in the Sonoran Desert.  The little town has at least 25 RV parks to choose from. I picked   Scenic Road RV Park because I liked their website and the owners previously ran a rafting company in Hawaii. It exceeded expectations, especially because owners Shawn and Randie donated the site because the believed in our cause! Very quiet, clean laid back place. I’m sorry to miss tonight’s acoustical jam session.

Quartzsite is an interesting rock hound town, with one monument honoring “Hi Jolly”, a camel driver from the 1850’s.  Apparently the army imported  Haji Alifrom the Ottoman Empire & the camels to see how they would work out in the desert. Didn’t last long.  The horses & burros were afraid of the camels. He stayed & became a very successful entrepreneur.

8 thoughts on “DAY 12 – Blythe, CA – Quartzsite, AZ, posted March 13

  1. John

    How nice to have the site for free–must be good people there. Tell us, is the sky really that blue? We wouldn’t know, living in Cleveland.

  2. Sandi

    Sorry to hear of your new acquisition – iPhone 5 – that means new charger and otter box. Bummer that you had to buy a new phone – same phone number I hope. Your trip sounds wonderful so far. Hope you are finding local brewers to enjoy. The blog has been great – Kevin ask everyday – so where is Joan and Dave today. Keep us informed.

  3. Joyce

    The picture “nest in our site’s cactus” should be submitted to Arizona Highways or Birds and Blooms magazine. Great photography…

  4. Nancy Wilson

    I am really enjoying your photos! Do you know ahead of time what towns you’ll be going through in Arizona? I have lots of family there that would go out and cheer Dave on if they saw him passing.
    Redwood City, Ca

    1. joandr Post author

      Hi Nancy – We are in Wickenburg now, taking 60 toward Phoenix. We’ll stay in Maricopa with my college roommate for a few days. I’ll look at the map and give you more details soon. Thanks so much for your interest & your ALS donation. Joan

  5. John

    Inquiring minds want to know: Shane just bought a unicycle. Can we get an up close and personal photo of Dave’s ride? Thanks.


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