Daily Archives: March 15, 2013

DAY 13, DAY 14 & DAY 15, Desert & Cactus Days — posted from Wickenburg, Arizona

DAY 13 was the another day that Dave was almost at the end of his ride before I caught up with him.  I actually stopped at a gas station and asked if they had seen a guy on a unicycle because I was beginning to wonder if he was still ahead of me on the road.  It was a relief when the owner said he had just left 10 minutes earlier. I picked him up in Salome, AZ.  They say Sa-loam.  It’s just after the town of Hope, where the sign just out of town says “You are now past Hope”!

Wednesday evening we ate dinner at the Salome Cafe and visited with the WomenTours cycling group that we ran into previously.  They are 22 women, average age 60, also crossing the USA on the same route. We enjoyed some time in the Cactus Bar with Keith, a rider from Yorkshire, England, who Dave met on the road. He’s riding solo, but stayed at the same motel as the women’s group.

DAY 14 was a layover day – a change in the daily routine.  This one was at the Desert Palms RV & Golf resort in Salome.  Less than a mile off the bike route in Salome, AZ and very quiet.  They “welcome overnighters”, but they also surprised us by locking the restrooms at 9:00 pm. Thursday we took advantage of the laundry room, pool & jacuzzi and relaxed.

DAY 15 – Today was a hot one. The truck temp said 98F around 1pm. Dave started riding around 8:30 am when it was cool.  I decided to ride too and did 13.5 miles from Salome through Wenden and back.  Nice relatively flat area & Route 60 is a good road surface.  I stopped & took pictures along the way all day.