DAY 22 – not much out there!

After driving Dave 20 miles to the point where his ride began, I continued driving in pursuit of a place with internet and a cup of coffee. I soon discovered there’s not much out there.  Forty miles later I was in Safford, AZ, the first location with “services”.

Along the way I spotted the Tasty Freez in Pima and thought it would be the ideal meeting place for ice cream. Great little ice cream & sandwich spot.  43 years and the original owner is now an employee!  He made it & hung out with some local older guys who were fascinated by the unicycle trip. One guy said he saw him near Phoenix a few days ago.  I’m trying to encourage Dave to get more calories in, so this was an easy place to do it. Yes, he ate this banana split all by himself!

That was really the highlight of the day.  We drove back 50 miles to our Casino RV park home.  When you are on the road, three nights in a row somewhere really does feel like home. It was a rough afternoon dabbling in the pool & jacuzzi followed by happy hour in the desert & dutch oven pizza. Each pizza I make is a little less overbaked/burned on the bottom, but it’s tricky baking in a dutch oven on a propane stove. It’s a lot easier using charcoal.

The plan for  Saturday is to meet Phyllis and Mike in Globe for the weekend.  They are bringing some unicycle parts that were delivered to her home after we left. There is a rumor that the oldest bar in Arizona is in Globe. We’ll have to check that one out.

6 thoughts on “DAY 22 – not much out there!

  1. Bea White

    Had trouble finding where to comment. Your pictures are awesome!!! Picture of the pizza reminded me of the discussion about “dutch ovens” when you were planning the trip. Is Dave convinced that there are advantages?

  2. Joanie Gottschling

    Joan (have I told you how much I like your name) I am enjoying each and every post you make. It’s almost like being there. I hope the weather stays nice for you. This is the blooming time in the desert. Hope you see some cacti. Joanie G


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