DAY 23 – Globe Again

I looked at the mileage on the truck odometer and realized that it said 254 and we had never really left Globe.  All the back and forth driving was transporting The Rider to his starting point, meeting him at the end of a days ride and returning to our Casino RV Park.  Saturday was a layover day and we moved into the Motel 6 in Globe proper. I have to admit that I was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed since it had been almost a month.

Phyllis & Mike came up from Maricopa and we spent the day visiting local watering holes and walking through the historic district.  The Drift Inn’s claim to fame is that it opened in 1902, before Arizona became a state in 1907.  After another goofy GPS wild goose chase, we found the Tap Room. We were the only ones there and had an interesting conversation with Stella, the owner. Her donation to our ride was drinks on the house!  Two Lanes was a short walk down the hill from the motel.  We had fun playing pool & I got to watch Marquette beat Butler to make it into the Sweet Sixteen.  We had a good time hanging out together.


1 thought on “DAY 23 – Globe Again

  1. John

    That’s how I felt driving around Algonquin Park in Canada that summer. Must have put 500 miles on the car just driving to hiking trails. Sounds like a nice relaxing visit in Globe. The Motel 6 must have seemed like The Ritz.


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