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DAY 33 – April 2 – El Paso, Texas

Today we entered our fourth state & did it the hard way.  The bike route in Texas begins in  El  Paso and you have a choice of riding through the heart of the city or taking an alternate route that is seven miles longer. We have a source of  inside information from my friend Jo Ann, who did this ride two years ago, so we called her for advice. She took the city route & it sounded bad.  Her suggestion: drive the alternative route & see what you think, so that’s what we did. In addition, we drove back the city route, so the whole loop took over two hours driving.  End result: ride the alternative, despite a 500 foot climb and freeway driving.

At 12:30 pm the ride resumed. I reconned campsites and met The Rider in North El Paso on the route. It had been tough riding in the afternoon winds.  I found dinner at The Great American Land & Cattle Company in lieu of grilling sausages. Plus I felt we should celebrate a little that we had three states checked off on the journey.

We then moved on to The Franklin Mountains State Park.  It was only about 8 miles away and nestled in the mountain range that divides El Paso. The unusual aspect of this camp is that the gates lock at 5 pm and we were given a combination for the lock and directions how to self-pay. I was also told we would be the only campers. It turned out to be a really cool place to primitive camp.  This means no water source and a pit toilet, which is really a nice clean composting latrine. Beautiful views and a good feeling. We ended the day with a walk up the Sunset Trail.

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