DAY 33 – April 2 – El Paso, Texas

Today we entered our fourth state & did it the hard way.  The bike route in Texas begins in  El  Paso and you have a choice of riding through the heart of the city or taking an alternate route that is seven miles longer. We have a source of  inside information from my friend Jo Ann, who did this ride two years ago, so we called her for advice. She took the city route & it sounded bad.  Her suggestion: drive the alternative route & see what you think, so that’s what we did. In addition, we drove back the city route, so the whole loop took over two hours driving.  End result: ride the alternative, despite a 500 foot climb and freeway driving.

At 12:30 pm the ride resumed. I reconned campsites and met The Rider in North El Paso on the route. It had been tough riding in the afternoon winds.  I found dinner at The Great American Land & Cattle Company in lieu of grilling sausages. Plus I felt we should celebrate a little that we had three states checked off on the journey.

We then moved on to The Franklin Mountains State Park.  It was only about 8 miles away and nestled in the mountain range that divides El Paso. The unusual aspect of this camp is that the gates lock at 5 pm and we were given a combination for the lock and directions how to self-pay. I was also told we would be the only campers. It turned out to be a really cool place to primitive camp.  This means no water source and a pit toilet, which is really a nice clean composting latrine. Beautiful views and a good feeling. We ended the day with a walk up the Sunset Trail.

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4 thoughts on “DAY 33 – April 2 – El Paso, Texas

    1. joandr Post author

      Thx! It really has been amazing in many places. Now in armpit of TX. Trying to lower my expectations. Any flowers blooming on Gside?


  1. Skunky

    Wow… Your fourth state! You guys are really trucking along. Dave’s endurance & enthusiasm are amazing and you both are doing a fantastic job of telling your stories. The pix are beautiful. By the way, we miss you! Happy Friday… Cheers!

    1. joandr Post author

      Happy Fri to U! We r doing another KOA layover. 50 mi drive to get here. 3 night stay. Popular spot cuz no good alternatives. Laundry, Kafe & they sell beer & wine!



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