DAY 37 – April 6 – Rode Over the 1000 Mile Rainbow

Today The RIder completed 1006.5 miles of the journey.  He rode his longest day – 53 miles!

My day was not quite as exciting.  This stretch was almost all along or on I-10 with only two exits between the start and the finish.  There was no easy way to cross over the median, so I waited at the beginning and then in Sierra Blanca, 24 miles into the trip.  Most of my time was spent catching up on phone calls, but I met a really neat guy in Sierra Blanca. He was so interesting, I missed seeing Dave when he rode through town!

Tom Ellison is 89 and runs a rock shop & repair business. I was walking in this almost-ghost town and stopped into his shop.  We talked for over 30 minutes as he showed me around his “museum”. He was stationed in England in World War 2 and worked on B-24’s.  He grew up in the town and his dad had a Ford agency.  The town is the county seat and used to be a much larger place with 3 car dealerships. His pride and joy is the 1939 Ford he keeps in the back of his shop garage.  He went with nine women and they were all named Jean. Tom’s rock and gem collection was fascinating, as was all the old stuff he had around, including 4 motorcycles, a chair that his friend hid under  as a child to escape Pancho Villa and the pictures of his wives and family amid all the stuff.  It was a great way to pass the time.

Another highlight of the  day: I trimmed The Rider’s beard (with his consent)!

5 thoughts on “DAY 37 – April 6 – Rode Over the 1000 Mile Rainbow

  1. John

    Congratulations to Dave for 1,000 miles! Are we there yet? That guy Tom’s place sounds like the sort of thing you see on that History Channel show, “American Pickers”. Nice to talk to you the other day!

  2. Marilyn

    Nine women? I’m guessing he just called them all Jean because he couldn’t remember their real names! Did the old gent gift you any rocks/gems? At 89, he should be giving them away. You should have told him your name is Jean!
    Yes,,,kudos to Dave!

  3. Barb Drnek

    The ’39 Ford reminds me of Mr. Slater’s car that I rode in Lac du Flambeau’s 4th of July parade in ’65 or so.


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