DAY 39 – April 8 – Marfa, TX

Last night we camped in a primitive  picnic area off off the beaten path between Van Horn & Marfa & once again had it to ourselves. Pretty & peaceful. No traffic & no noise. Such a contrast to RV Parks. It feels more like real camping.  Other than state parks, there don’t seem to be any more plain old campgrounds  when you are looking for a place while on the road. Not many people camp in tents and many RV parks won’t allow them.

I spent most of my time today in Marfa.  And might be on the radio.  When I parked the truck, I saw that I was in front of Marfa NPR.  Really, an NPR station in a town of 1,600 people.  I was thrilled to find it a few days ago and have been listening. SInce San Diego, I’ve only found three stations that didn’t broadcast far over 1000 miles of travelling and I had been suffering NPR withdrawal. I decided to go in and say hi and let them know how much I enjoyed the station. While I spoke with the receptionist, a guy came in  and said they were almost starting their fund drive and asked if he could interview me. He did and I got to mention WCPN in Cleveland and our unicycling trip/ALS research efforts.  Another small world connection — his wife is  from Rocky River!

After that I walked around town and took pictures. I could see where it could be a great movie location.  It has some unique architecture and neat little adobe houses.  I remember reading and then seeing Giant and enjoyed the display in the Paesano Hotel.  It struck me how influential the actors in that movie were: Rock Hudson, James Dean and Liz Taylor. Each of their private lives made for amazing (and sad) stories in themselves.

Tonight we are camping in the Lost Alaska RV Park in Alpine, right on our alternative route. We skipped viewing the Marfa Lights. By dusk we are not interested in going anywhere!

2 thoughts on “DAY 39 – April 8 – Marfa, TX

  1. John

    Love that hearse! You are finding the most interesting things along these back roads. It’s a good thing unicycles are not allowed on interstates–you would have missed all this neat stuff.

  2. John

    Oh–I almost forgot the most important part: NPR! How cool is that. Maybe “All Things Considered” will pick up your story!


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