DAY 40 – April 9 – Big Bend National Park, Texas

Wind gusts predicted up to 60 mph + unicyclist  = FIELD TRIP! We took the day off and drove 100 miles to the park.  It was on my list, but I was willing to let it go, thinking it would be too far away and the timing wouldn’t work. But the fates, in the form of winds high enough to be unsafe for unicycling, intervened.  We hit the road and the long drive was well worth it.

The 30 mile scenic drive was overwhelmingly full of one vista grande after another. Our destination was a hike in Santa Elena (Saint Helen’s — appropriately named) canyon, where the sheer cliff rises 1500 feet above the river.  Here The Rider got to skip a rock and hit the Mexican canyon wall in one skip.  The Rio Grande river forms 118 miles of the park’s boundary with Mexico. This is the first time we have seen any water in it, despite following its route since New Mexico. “Irrigation, dams, agriculture, manufacturing, exotic plants and evaporation sap most of the Rio Grande’s water before it gets to the park”. (park brochure).

I know a picture can be worth a thousand words, so I’ll stop writing.

5 thoughts on “DAY 40 – April 9 – Big Bend National Park, Texas

  1. Joan Gottschling

    Joan isn’t the perspective walking into the canyon surreal…. Like the perspective is off and you are walking down into it. I loved it. I remember camping there in July in that desert and freezing that night😁! Love following your posts.

  2. Bill Sedivy

    Do they rent canoes? The park looks neat. Bet there’s some great birding there. Of course, it would help if there was some water in the river.

  3. katie

    the weather system was even more intense further north. the winds were so bad that my flight back from vegas went right over you guys. i asked the pilots honk the horn i hope i didn’t wake you up.


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