DAY 43 & 44 – April 12 & 13 – “The Law West of the Pecos”

This part of the route is like a big blank on the west Texas map.  No real towns or services, rolling desert and shallow canyons.  We ended the day Friday at the Judge Roy Bean Welcome Center in Langtry, TX.  Nice visitors center with wifi.  We were happy because cell service is also absent in this part of the journey.  We blogged and then dry camped at the Community Center, the old town school.  Bathrooms are available 8 am – 5 pm.

Now it’s Saturday and I’m back at the center, taking advantage of the wifi and a leisurely tour through the museum and grounds.  The women who work here are very friendly and helpful. The town of 45 is right on the Mexican border. Judge Roy Bean was a larger-than-life guy, an entrepreneurial  saloon owner who was appointed Judge in the late 1800’s. Court was held on the front porch of the saloon.  He was known as the “hanging judge”, but he never hung anyone. As far as the law went, he made up his own and did what he wanted, quickly dispensing his brand of justice.

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