DAY 45 – April 14 – Seminole Canyon State Park and the Pecos River

Our campsite  for the 13th was a primitive desert site in the Seminole Canyon State Park.  When we get to camp, I usually take a walk to check it out, while Dave takes it easy after his ride.  I told him that I was going on the “watch for snakes” trail and set out to find some wildflowers I had not yet seen. The trail had several flowers. It’s still surprising to me to see such brightly colored flowers against the drab desert environment.   I hope to identify all the flowers and post them together at some point, but so far that’s not happening. The park was interesting enough to me that I decided to go on the guided canyon hike in the morning.

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In the morning, we saw sunrise, then I dropped Dave off just west of the Pecos River. I then raced to the overlook to get some photos.

I had plenty of time to return to the park and go on the 10:00 am hike. The only way to see the pictographs and go down into the canyon is with a guide. Our volunteer guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the Pecos people who inhabited the canyon some 4000 years ago and the pictographs they left behind. The short hike took almost 2 hours and the “rock art” pictures and symbolism in them were amazing.

I met up with Dave in Del Rio and tonight we are camped at the Broke Mill RV park.

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