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DAY 46 – April 15 – Layover Day in Del Rio, TX

Enjoying Broken Mill RV Park (on the Southern Tier bike route). Another good choice for Cook’s night off.  Enjoyed a good dinner at Icon Grill near Amistad Lake National Recreation Area.  Today – groceries, errands, a doctor visit, blog internet catch-up & the pool.

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Give me some water to paddle around in & I’m happy (even if it is COLD)

My first tarantula.  Now worries - he was dead.

My first tarantula. No worries – he’s dead.

grateful for shade & plug for computers

grateful for shade & plug for computers

The temperature climbed to 99 and humid. I took another Cook’s night off and we went to Memo’s Mexican restaurant in the old part of town on San Felipe Creek since 1936.  Kids were swimming and it was the first real sense of water we’ve had in a long time.