DAY 47 – April 16 – Brackettville and Fort Clark Springs, TX

I met  Dave outside of Brackettville, TX. Yet another small town past its glory. In the late 1800’s it thrived because its businesses supported nearby Fort Clark, a cavalry post that housed thousands of soldiers. Many businesses constructed of limestone blocks quarried nearby were established. Devastating floods in 1890 persuaded residents to move to higher ground.

Our campsite is Fort Clark Springs RV Park is right outside Brackettville,  Fort Clark was built at Las Moras springs, It operated from 1852 to 1946 and served as a German POW camp during the war. Fort Clark Springs Association is a multi-purpose community that utilizes the old fort’s facilities, including housing, motel and campground.  It is home to the 3rd largest swimming pool in Texas – 300 by 100 feet.  It’s spring fed and 68 degrees year-round. The best part of my day was swimming laps in that pool! Invigorating, but warmer than yesterday’s swim. The second best was when my dinner stir-fry of shrimp, fresh vegetables and rice was a success Another happy camper day!

4 thoughts on “DAY 47 – April 16 – Brackettville and Fort Clark Springs, TX

  1. Joyce

    You are about 3 hours away from that fertilizer plant blast tragedy at West, Texas. I can only imagine the terrible stressful state of affairs in that state right now.


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