DAYS 50 & 51- April 19 & 20 – Buffaloed & Discombobulated 3 Times

Friday was a leapfrog day with nothing much going on for me to report. The area is very pretty and the route weaves back and forth along the Guadalupe river.  Very nice spot.

I spent most of my truck time editing, sorting and identifying my Wild Blooms photos.  It’s a big project because I have taken hundreds of them Here are a few examples:

When we got to the Kerrville KOA, they supported the ride with a $10 site fee! I was disinterested in cooking after looking in books and spending the day on the computer. The result was going to Mamasita’s for a very good Mexican dinner. Very festive, large restaurant that included an ice cream parlor, kids arcade and party rooms. The place was hopping. Nice end to the day.

It was another surprisingly cold night, with weatherunderground saying 31 degrees at 7:30 am. I started the day with wifi and coffee at the Hunt Store, in Hunt.  A neat store, bank, bar & restaurant with a fire burning all day in the open fireplace. The center of local activity. Next I went grocery shopping at Walmart in Kerrville and took off to catch up with The Rider. So far, so good. The day was still on track.

As I was driving along, I passed a buffalo herd just hanging out in the sun and turned around to take some pictures. They were pretty impressive.

Then I went merrily on my way, enjoying the scenery and ignoring the gps bugging me by trying to get me to drive off the route. I should have listened, because I went 10 miles off the route.  When I got back on, I drove to Comfort, the half-way point of the Southern Tier Route, about 1500 from the east and west coasts.  It wasn’t comforting, because I got turned around enough in this tiny little town that I guessed my way back to the route.  The third mistake was after Dave finished the ride and we were headed to the RV Park USA back in Comfort.  We accidentally got on the freeway and ended up going about 30 miles out of the way before we located the campground.  Prior to today, the last problems I had were in San Diego on Day 2 of the trip.  I guess I was overdue!

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  Katie and Terri Hamric, Dave’s sister and brother-in-law, are flying down from Boston to spend a few days with us.  We’re meeting in Kyle and will check out Austin.

4 thoughts on “DAYS 50 & 51- April 19 & 20 – Buffaloed & Discombobulated 3 Times

  1. katie

    i love this one, i love this one not…..we might have to have an intervention after the lady bird johnson wildflower park. those buffallo are quite impressive! ok gotta go pack for our flight tomorrow. pretty cool we can come celebrate half way!!


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