DAY 55, 56 & 57 – April 24, 25 & 26 – Leaving Hill Country

April 24 – Wednesday – Cool & windy day in San Marcos, TX – a third day off.  We ran errands, took care of life “stuff” and decided to go to a movie because the weather was so crummy. Tom Cruise entertained us in Oblivion.  Eventually we drove back to Blanco State Park in Blanco, TX where the ride would start up again on Thursday. When I went for my walk, I encountered some of the local wildlife.  The strange-looking ducks, that I’ve learned are Muscovy, were really aggressive. The 4-legged guys were just friendly.

April 25 – Thursday – The ride had a delayed start because the cycle meter/gps was missing . The search entailed mentally retracing our steps for the last 3  days ( & it seemed we had been EVERYWHERE!) and tearing apart the truck to look in nooks and crannies. Talk about a stressful way to star the day.  I got on the phone & started calling places we’d been.  When I called the hotel a second time, they looked in the room & found. Yay! Dave took off on the route & drove back to Kyle to collect the culprit. I think it tried to get away from us by hiding under the bed.

We met up in Wimberly & had a great campsite provided courtesy of the  WImberly EMS Services. Cyclists camp free!  Nice yard behind their building, restrooms and laundry.  After dinner we went to hear some local music at Ino’z.  Nice outdoor patio on the Cypress Creek.  I later learned that the place was named because the owners had visited Jamaica and whenever they asked a question the answer was “I knows…”. In the morning, I went to the Wimberly Cafe for coffee & counter conversation.  Nice little town, where people commute to both Austin and San Antonio, but feel like they are away from the city.  Lots of upscale shopping. Translation: for me – window shopping.

This morning I took a walk along Cypress Creek and checked out the Blue Hole.  This is a regional park that was created around a spring-fed swimming hole that has been popular for years. The purchase was funded by The Friends of the Blue Hole and the city operates the park.  No taxpayers’ money involved.

I found Dave outside of Lockhart  and took a look around. We landed in the Falling Star Lake RV Park for camping. Off the route and a little pricey, but nice.   We have now officially exited Hill Country!

3 thoughts on “DAY 55, 56 & 57 – April 24, 25 & 26 – Leaving Hill Country

  1. Bea

    No doubt who you looked like. Lovely picture of you and Mom. Liked the Queen Bee picture. Too bad they got the spelling wrong.

  2. Marylee

    Really nice pics..especially love the ones at the hole. Would love to have been there! Totally different look atmosphere from what I’m used to at Ft. Lauderdale Beach Thanks for sharing!


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