DAY 58 – April 27 – Whizzerville Hall to Smithville, TX

Last night we finally found some Texas dance hall music.  Within a mile of camp was the Whizzerville Hall, a pizza place with live music. The Keen Country Band, a local group, had a CD release party and the place was packed when we got there at 8 pm. Dave needs all the calories he can get, so he ordered a 10 inch pizza for an after-dinner snack. The owner showed off his beer card collection and talked with us quite a bit.  A former post office, he had restored the building to its 1903 ambience. Some postmaster decided the town’s name was to common because there were so many “villes” in the area and changed it to Macmahan. Just didn’t have the same appeal as Whizzerville.  Nice crowd, good music and good pizza.

Today was overcast and humid for most of the day.  It was a good roadside wildflower day.  The route wound and climbed its way through 2 state parks.  Dave said it was like a cruel joke, as we thought the hills were behind us.  We are camping tonight at Buescher State Park, where I think we got the last open site.  It’s in the tent area that was reserved for a state park camping training.  We are pretending to sleep in the tent, but plan to slip into the camper instead.  It’s supposed to rain tonight, so we’ll see how our subterfuge works out.  Right now we are in the Pockets Grille taking advantage of the air conditioning and wifi.

6 thoughts on “DAY 58 – April 27 – Whizzerville Hall to Smithville, TX

  1. Lisa

    You should be getting close to Galviston. My brothers down that way. Kinda insainly crowded with people and traffic thought.

    1. joandr Post author

      We are north of Houston & cross into LA on 190, so we miss Galveston. Too bad, I’ve heard it’s nice. We finally got out of “Hill Country” and are enjoying flatter terrain.

  2. John

    Wow. Whizzerville. What a great name. Looks like the dance hall was a blast. You are having the time of your life, I hope you realize that. 🙂


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