DAY 60 – April 29 – Blooms Away to Map 5!

The surprise for today was the Antique Rose Emporium located between Brenham and Washington.  This nursery and garden venue is a total surprise.  I wandered the gardens and studied heritage roses for an hour.  Dave thinks the trip is about riding his unicycle across the country.  My theme is emerging as THE FLOWER TOUR!

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The significance of today: We finished Map 4 when we passed through Navasota. This means we have Maps 5, 6 & 7 to go to get to St. Augustine, FL. Dave has unicycled a total of 1753 miles since our start on March 1!

A little irony of today: the route took us through Anderson and the next town was Richards.  For those who knew me in my past married life, I was Mrs. Richard Anderson. Anderson is another county seat.


Campground for the day was on the route: Cagle Road campground in the Sam Houston National Forest. Great site with lots of pines.

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