DAYS 61 & 62 – April 30 & May 1 – Happy May Day Layover!

Tuesday started with a good walk for me when I returned to the park after dropping The Rider off.  The days are getting hotter and more humid, so morning is a good time. The park is on Lake Conroe and reminds me of LaDue Reservoir at home. The difference was the little sign that let me know there are alligators in the forest and I should not excite one if confronted on the trail!

In New Waverly I hit the laundromat and grocery.  A little before 2:00 pm, ride quitting time, I caught up with Dave in Coldspring.  The Hop is a cute place in town with ice cream that tasted good in the heat.   We chose Rockn E RV Park, off-route, but a good choice for our planned layover: It has the requisite Wifi, laundry room and is quiet and clean. For Cook’s Night Off. we went to Livingston, where I drove through a deluge only to find that our destination was closed. We implemented Plan B and had a good dinner at Manny’s Shrimp Boat.  Cajun specialties are a sure sign we are approaching Louisianna. Crawfish here we come!

A May Day memory: In kindergarten, we made May baskets to bring home to our mothers. I also remember making them the next year and hanging them on neighbors’ doors as a surprise.

1 thought on “DAYS 61 & 62 – April 30 & May 1 – Happy May Day Layover!

  1. John

    So how exactly does one “excite” an alligator? Flash them? Show them slides of your trip? Promise them that the next person down the trail will be much tastier than you?


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