DAY 67 – May 6 – Armadillo Sighting!

We spent a very enjoyable evening on May 5 with another St. Helen’s unicyclist. Cheryl Quinn Bailey called and invited us to stay in the guest house on their farm outside Ville Platt, LA. She and her husband Ralph were great hosts and we had a fun visit. Another nice break from our routine.


The highlight of today was my hike in Chicot State Park.  I investigated the Louisiana State Arboretum expecting to look at trees. There were plenty of those and neat Bald Cypress swamps.

As i walked along the trail I heard a noise by my feet. My first thought as I froze in place was – it’s a snake and I’m wearing sandals! Fortunately, it wasn’t. Three young armadillos were rooting around in the dirt. They were looking for grubs and could have cared less about my presence.  They were so close, one could have nibbled my toes.  I’d been hoping to see a live armadillo all the way across Texas, and all I saw was roadkill.  These little ones really tickled my fancy.

The reason they are common roadkill is because they jump 3-4 feet straight up when startled and collide with the undercarriages and fenders of passing vehicles.

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