DAY 71 – May 10 – Another Back Roads Day

The day got off to a rocky start.  It stormed for hours during the night & we woke up with some wet  places in the camper and a swamp-yard around us.  Fortunately it cleared up for a late ride start.

I only wandered to one tourist site.  The Camp More Confederate Museum & Cemetery in Tangipahoa, the town name that sounded Hawaiian. It was a little privately run museum with. This was a training facility and most of the 400 graves were a result of two measles epidemics.  That and the medical displays really brought home the fact that more soldiers in the Civil War died of wound infection and disease than died in battle. I noted that the sign at the gate referred to “The War for Independence”.

Countrary to what we keep hearing about the route, this part of northeastern Louisiana is not flat, It is definitely the friendliest state we have been in.  Many drivers have turned around or waited for Dave to take a picture of the unicyclist. People keep approaching me about the sign on the truck.  Never pass up an opportunity to chat!


I picked up Dave outside of Franklinton & we went back into town for McDonalds internet & ate dinner at Mike’s because it was pouring.  The people at the next table struck up a conversation that started with “Are you the unicyclist?” To our surprise, they generously picked up our check!  Thank you to the McVeas (I’m guessing on the spelling).  They also told us about Bogue Chitto State Park, a new park nearby. We camped overnight there and it saved us 35 mile drive roundtrip.


1 thought on “DAY 71 – May 10 – Another Back Roads Day

  1. John

    How nice of those people. I bet it’s spelled “McVey”. Probably Irish. That’s why they were so nice.
    Hey–what’s a little rain to a camper like you?


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