DAY 73 – May 12 – Closing in on the Gulf

The route led us on more back roads, where the local people wonder what you are doing there. A quiet day without much traffic. It is Mothers Day and I started musing on the past – remembering different celebrations with my mother and grandmother.  Thinking about the old pictures where Munga (my grandmother) and her “lady friends” would all get dressed up in their finest hats and go out for  Mother’s Day. Munga is in back, 4th from the right.

mother's day ladies

Most of the route was through a National Forest and farmland. One  trailhead is the site of a P.O.W. camp that held German prisoners during World War Two. At that time the location would have been deep in the Mississippi forest close to nowhere.

I made a u-turn to go back and photograph a little road sign that jumped out at me.


Dave rode his longest day – over 60 miles.  Total 2300 plus miles. time for another star!

stars 2300

When I search for campgrounds, the first place to start is the route maps.  I noticed one near the stopping point, but decided to look further on the Allstays App on the Ipad. I noticed  some near a body of water.  To my surprise, that water was the Gulf of Mexico.  After looking at the small route maps, I had no idea we were within 15 miles of the Gulf.  We enjoyed staying at Gulf Islands National Seashore, Davis Bayou Campground, near Biloxi.  Sites are $16 with plenty of room and shade.  The resident alligators stay in the bayou, but come out to sun for the tourists. I toured the park and surrounding neighborhoods on my bike to get a Mississippi ride in.

1 thought on “DAY 73 – May 12 – Closing in on the Gulf

  1. John

    I hope the locals didn’t approach you with shotguns or something, “wondering what you were doing there”.
    …National Seashore–excellent choice. Don’t you feel like an explorer, first Czech explorer to discover the Gulf of Mexico!


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