DAY 74 – May 13 – End of the Road, Stage 1

We spent the morning in the campground. Dave made phone calls while I explored.  From there we drove over to Ocean Springs Beach on Biloxi Bay.  I walked the beach, took pictures. and savored the shore.  It’s a nice town beach that was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina and restored.

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Unlike our usual routine, we did not drive back to the bike route. Instead we started driving north to Ohio. The reason why is that Dave got sabotaged by a sand fly bite  in Costa Rica.  It gifted him  a parasite and resulted in a leg wound that will not heal. After seeing three doctors, the CDC confirmed that it is Leishmaniasis.  The best course of action is to end Stage 1 of the ride and go home to seek treatment.

The plan is to return to where we stopped and resume Stage 2 of The Ride to Saint Augustine, Florida. This will happen when conditions and opportunity make it possible. Thanks to everyone who has been following our blogs and to those who have supported the ALS research cause. We will keep you posted when the trip resumes.

dave 5-12-13b

Unicycle Across the USA has been an amazing 2300 mile, life in the slow lane journey. I’ll miss our little road trip world. Talk about being in the Present!

7 thoughts on “DAY 74 – May 13 – End of the Road, Stage 1

  1. John

    That’s got to be disappointing after all that work, though it’s best to get that taken care of. I’m sure you can get psyched up again to continue your oddysey. I have some ideas about south Georgia when you’re ready.

  2. Jo Ann

    Dave, you have accomplished an amazing feat ! I look forward to your complete recovery and your finishing YOUR ride.

  3. katie

    wow. so close. this has got to feel like a bigger roller coaster than the crazy hills you two navigated. Stage one was an amazing ride. Stage two, look out!

  4. LIsa

    I had to google it. That does not fun, but painful and possible a bit scary. Best of luck to Dave and you as he tries to find the best not quite FDA approved treatment available in the US.

  5. Janice

    Oh no…my first reaction, then thought about all you’ve accomplished and seen. You will be back on the road sooner rather than later, I’m sure. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a speedy return to the wheel(s).


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