Summer Is Speeding By…

REALLY. It has been six weeks since my last post on May 15 and most of my time has been spent close to home being productive and extremely busy.

The Unicycle Road trip ended abruptly when we returned home early so The Rider could get treatment at the Cleveland Clinic for the parasite he contracted on our Costa Rican trip. For graphic details complete with illustration, see Dave’s blog (link on right side of page).  He’s healed now and has an impressive six-pointed Scar of David on his thigh. I’m happy to report that the plan is to start Stage 2 of the ride in early October in Mississippi and continue to St. Augustine, FL. 

When we first returned, I spent two weeks feeling disoriented and off-kilter. Probably the result of having such an intense daily routine for three months. It was hard to focus on anything and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I resorted to my usual coping method. Projects. Starting with gardens and yard, which usually get cleaned up in April and May. This year’s process continued through June.

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Some of my time has been spent painting rooms for friends.I choose to paint because:                  1.It’s peaceful. 2.The results are quick and satisfying. 3. And I like listening to books or NPR all day. I’m a neat painter, but make a mess of myself.


Last year I started making bags for different occasions and friends. Sewing was once a regular pastime when I made my clothes and Home Ec in the 8th grade is the most useful class I’ve ever taken.  With my newly waterproofed basement, I now enjoy having a sewing corner set up on a permanent basis with a tiny TV next to it.

I’ve been spending some time this summer with six year-olds and it’s been fun,  surprising and a little draining. These little girls are really delightful – and a bundle of energy! We spent the day at the Cleveland Zoo and it’s changed a lot since my last visit about 20 years ago!


Beach and pool time this summer has been a little sparse, but Mentor Headlands is my regular destination for walking, swimming and relaxing with a book. Lake Metroparks beaches, Lake Erie Shores and Lake Erie Bluffs, are quiet spots with long narrow shorelines, perfect for walks. We are fortunate to have  many beach choices around Lake County.

5 thoughts on “Summer Is Speeding By…

  1. Lew

    So, what is your guess on your ETA in St. Augustine now? We’re only 70 miles west of there. Hope you and your rider are able to stop by for a visit.

    1. joandr Post author

      Hi Lew – It was good to hear from you. A rough estimate for ETA is early to mid-November. If we have time, it would be great to see you.

  2. Marilyn T. Bottger

    I’ve missed you. Glad you are busy and productive. 😉

    Any of those books you want to recommend to our discussion group? I assume you won’t be returning since you’re continuing the “jaunt” in October.

    Bea has been making it to Mass, but is so thin. I’m concerned. Mary Weber has been in Chicago for over a month. Her daughter is not well, and Mary feels she (Mary) needs to be there.

    Please keep them in your prayers.

    Let me know if you’d like to get together for lunch or a walk in the park. Our daughter is visiting from Florida with her two boys, but they’ll be moving their headquarters to Chardon (her in-laws) in a few days.



    1. joandr Post author

      Hi Marilyn – Thanks for following the blog. You can see we are back at it. Sorry to miss connecting with you over the summer. I ran out of time. I’ll be home for book group in November. See you then.


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