August – Canadian Cottage Visist

I wandered a little further from home in early August – across the Canadian border to Parham, Ontario. Long-time friends Heather and Paul have a cottage.  My sister Babs and I have enjoyed this destination before on one of our annual sisters road trips. This year, Heather’s dad Roger came too. I learned  what a trooper he is when we spent two days last summer at Bonnaroo, a huge music festival,

Visiting the cottage in this part of southern Ontario  is like going back to a simpler time (except for wifi & electronic devices we all used). It’s farm country outside Kingston with small towns, lakes everywhere and provincial parks. Several cottages on adjacent Long Lake properties belong to family members so it’s quiet and private. Daily routines revolve around the lake: swimming, paddling, water skiing and enjoying the view.

One morning we went to Wheeler’s Pancake House & they had their own Chainsaw Museum. Kingston has an interesting waterfront and a good maritime museum. On the way home we saw the border from a viewing tower. And from the inside of the customs office when the compute flagged my car for an inspection!

After returning home, still plenty of summer left to enjoy my garden.

2 thoughts on “August – Canadian Cottage Visist

  1. Jo Ann

    Saw this and thought of you:
    “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”
    –Mark Twain


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