Back on the Road & the River & Heading South

Friday, September 13 was the day we started another road trip and adventure. Part One: head west to Boise, Idaho to get ready for a river trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. The highlight of the road trip for me was a stop at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho to spend some time in the hot springs spa that the state of Idaho operates. Wish we had these in Ohio!

We enjoyed a few days staying with “Sedivy Expeditions”  friends and Eddy the Golden Retriever in Boise. Running errands, packing, discovering a new microbrewery and getting in a ride on the Greenbelt that follows the Boise River through town kept us busy.

After our friend Slick arrived from Virginia, five of us packed into Bill’s truck with a fully loaded trailer and drove to Stanley, Idaho. There we shopped at McCoy’s Tackle & Gift Shop, owned by our friend Jane  and spent the night at her home. The temperature dipped into the 30’s, so we were happy not to be camping. Thank you, Jane! The next day we flew in two small planes to Indian Creek airstrip on the Middle Fork.

The Middle Fork Trip was challenging, fun, cold, rainy & windy. Seventy-five miles through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness via two rafts and one cataraft.  We never knew Idaho has a rainy season. It really doesn’t but it rained 8 out of 9 days on our trip. Lots of snow on the mountains along the river canyon, but fortunately none on us. Addie, the tarp, and wearing lots of layers saved us from hypothermia. My lemon drop toast one day was “to good friends who know how to live large under adverse conditions”. A little wordy, but a good summary of the trip.

Today is our last in Idaho. The next destination is near Biloxi, Mississippi.  There we will resume Stage Two of the cross-country Unicycle Road Trip. Dave The Rower will become The Rider and I will resume my role as Support Crew. Final destination: 700 miles on the Southern Tier Cycling Route to Saint Augustine, Florida.

4 thoughts on “Back on the Road & the River & Heading South

  1. John Scanlan

    Wordy? You? Never happen. So glad to hear from you after all these weeks of silence. You were certainly smart to pack for two seasons! I look forward to more posts from you. Love, John

  2. katie

    Oh boise!! Sorry to hear it was so soggy. word is you have multiple personalities. as support crew for the rower/rider I am sure this comes in handy. Enjoy your drive across the country. Looking forward to your pictures & prose.


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