From Boise to Biloxi (sounds like a country song, doesn’t it?)

We lingered an extra day in Boise and didn’t really leave till October 2.  Two reasons: it took us “awhile to  get around to going to the post office and mailing boxes home so we wouldn’t have to schlep river gear and extra warm clothes around the country.  And two, I discovered my VISA had been “compromised” and that involved some extra time on the phone to make arrangements to get a new one mailed ahead to a post office in Gulf Shores, Alabama on our route.  By that time it wasn’t worth leaving, so we enjoyed another evening with our friends.

Our route south took us through Wyoming and Colorado, where we managed to stay just ahead of the snow. We also had three good Walmart camping experiences.

We  took our time, because Tropical Storm Karen was due to hit the Gulf Coast the same time we had planned to arrive.  It  was disappointing  not to visit Rocky Mountain National Park (because it was CLOSED!!!) when we were so close. Instead we spent an evening with Dave’s unicycling friends Scott & Jody, who are training to be missionaries in Quito, Ecuador.  A Facebook post reminded me they were in Colorado Springs and we were able to connect.


A KOA in Amarillo, TX had some interesting yard art. You can usually count on that at KOA’s.


The Ameristar Casino RV park in Vicksburg, MS provided another good casino camping stay – well-maintained, cheap facilities. Unfortunately, the Civil War battleground park was also closed (thank you very much, USGOV).

We got to the Gulf in time to go out for a seafood dinner for Dave’s birthday the day before he started riding. Our campground was Shepard State Park in Gautier, MS.


1 thought on “From Boise to Biloxi (sounds like a country song, doesn’t it?)

  1. John

    Glad you are proceeding well. Very smart to stay ahead of (or behind) the weather. I went to see my former OT’s and PT’s at the hospital the other day and brought some puzzles I’d made. I came away with a bunch of orders for elephants, horses and squirrels, and one unicorn. It was nice to see the people too. They treated me very well there. Continue to stay safe! love,


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