Stage 2 Begins – October 8

This morning we drove  to Stage 1’s end point and the Ride resumed. The Rider was greeted by fans almost immediately after he started riding. Fortunately, they didn’t follow along very far.

Dave start 10-8

He did 36.7 miles today – much farther than originally anticipated. The Support Crew grocery shopped, got gas, visited a library and two campgrounds.  Then I kept driving and driving to catch up, wondering if I had missed him because the mileage kept racking up!

Tonight we are at the I-10 RV Park, off-route near Mobile. It has a huge Live Oak and cool butterflies. In addition to wifi & laundry facilities. Nice place.

2 thoughts on “Stage 2 Begins – October 8

  1. John

    Nice butterfly. Maybe I should have just bought an iPhone instead of a Nikon. Do you feel like you are getting close to the end? love,


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