One Great Beach After Another – Loving the Gulf – October 11 & 12

I have to report that the Support Crew has been ecstatic the last couple days. They all think they are in a dream come true. The beaches just get better and better. And so do the Gulf shrimp!

Our second day in Gulf Shores was filled with layover day catch-up tasks and another afternoon at the beach.  The difference in the beach today was birds and jellyfish. The Herons acted like pets, hanging around the inlet where the lagoon joined the sea. It was a popular fishing area – for the birds and the fishermen.

Walking down the beach dodging jellyfish made it a whole different experience. I wish I had counted because the total would easily been over 100. Some people on the beach said they could see them glowing green in the water the night before.  Some were kind of pretty.

When I took my eyes off the jellyfish1, I spotted some neat sand sculptures.


This morning, The Rider got another early start on a hot, humid day. We headed to Pensacola & I took the time to walk on Orange Beach along the way. By 1 pm, Dave made it to his destination in town after crossing 3 bridges. Then we were off to another beach – Pensacola Beach.  It has a National Seashore that the government closed, but a town beach access got us on to it.

What respectable beach lover could resist this? We swam in the clearest water I’ve ever been in. The bottom was visible at 4 feet. And the water was still warm!

Tomorrow the route takes us away from the coast, so as a last ocean-front hurrah, we ate dinner at Peg Leg Pete’s for more seafood. “it’s been real”, said our 20-something server as we left…shades of the 70’s!

2 thoughts on “One Great Beach After Another – Loving the Gulf – October 11 & 12

  1. John

    I’d say it doesn’t take much to send the Support Crew into ectasy 🙂 It’s not like they got a raise or something. Someday maybe I’ll make it to those beaches–after this glowing review, I am intrigued.

  2. Marylee (Dave's cousin)

    Gorgeous! We’ve been to that beach area years ago when we lived in Tallahassee..Much different than our So. FL. beaches


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