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More Water Time For The Crew – October 14 – Day 80

Today’s ride was a shorter, more hilly one for The Rider. I spent most of my morning updating personal finance information on my laptop in McDonalds.

We arrived at the Sunset RV Park on King Lake near DeFuniak Springs, FL in early afternoon. Really nice place on a lake. Good facilities, including a clubhouse and a pool, and welcoming to cyclists. It has a real community feel to it. Plenty of time for a decadent afternoon at the pool. And the first jacuzzi for Stage 2 of the trip. Mid-October and The Crew is swimming outdoors!

Sunset King Lake Pool

Sunset King Lake Jacuzzi

Inland From the Beaches – October 13 – Day 79

Today’s route took us around Pensacola bay inland.  The weather was hot, humid and sunny. This was true already at 9 am, when I enjoyed a cup of coffee at Bagelheads overlooking the bay  after dropping off the rider. You put money in their honor jar to pay for your cup.  The roads became less traveled as we left the beaches behind.

Eventually they became back, back roads in the pine forests. The Long Leaf Pines are tall skinny things with 8 inch long needles. Ship masts were made from them at one time.

Blackwater River Sp Long Leaf Pines

I noticed wild bushes with dramatic purple berries. It’s name is  Beauty Bush and it has mosquito repelling properties.

IMG_5837The Rider got more miles in than he wanted because when I called to check in with him, the call dropped after I learned that I was ahead of him on the route. I didn’t realize he was ready to be done, so I just waited where I was.  It was a long, tiring ride that effectively wiped him out.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to drive far to camp. Our campground for the night was just off-route,  Blackwater River State Park, a popular canoeing fishing area.  These two alligator signs discouraged me from swimming in the river.

The variety of poisonous snakes that lived there didn’t make the thought of hiking too desirable either.