Map 7 !!!! – Day 81- October 15

The significance of today’s ride is Map 7. This means 6 out of the 7 maps of the Southern Tier Route across the USA  are complete. The Rider rode 38 miles,  the longest distance of Stage 2, for a grand total of 2566 miles.

I checked out De Funiak Springs, FL. A nice surprise along US 90.

Located between Pensacola and Tallahassee, DeFuniak Springs emerged in the 1880s as a railroad final destination resort. The founders engaged the Chautauqua Brotherhood association to help them design another Chautauqua-type institute in north Florida. It has a wonderful library (the oldest in Florida still serving the public), and a unique collection of Victorian homes that encircle the nearly symmetrical spring-fed Lake De Funiak. It is one of only two naturally circular bodies of water in the world. (Switzerland has the other one.)  I’d love to be around for the Christmas lights on the circle or the home tours.

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There are not many camping choices in this area, so I decided to return to Sunset Lake RV Park. It was a 26 mile drive, but I lured The Rider with their scheduled ice cream social at 5:30 pm.  And their cyclist rate is only $12, so it all evened out. After a bike ride I hung out in the jacuzzi again. Everyone was so friendly there, that we spent the evening in the clubhouse and met some folks. People are usually curious & amazed by our story.

2 thoughts on “Map 7 !!!! – Day 81- October 15

  1. katie

    I have been slightly concerned for the ice cream vendors along this portion of the ride, as there has been no mention of ice cream consumption thus far. I don’t know if an ice cream social meets the criteria , but it is nice to know it is still on the menu.

  2. John

    Nice looking houses! If all else fails, you could always get a job as a real estate photographer. Congratulations on Map 7!


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