Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

East of Tallahassee – October 20 – Day 86

Today everything felt damp inside the truck.  So our campsite goal was the KOA east of Tallahassee for laundry day. I’m blogging while 2 loads of wash get done.  The country roads the route followed were mostly flat except for the 12 miles I chose to ride. Very pastoral.

I found a good car wash and washed the truck.  CLEAN  makes a big difference to me since I spend so much time in it. It also struck me that we have a color theme – blue with red accents. IMG_5950It was a good day for The Rider and The Crew.

From Ante-bellum Museum to Fish Camp – October 19 – Day 85

Yesterday we cooked dinner at an I-10 rest area west of Tallahassee. It might have made a good campsite except for two reasons. The first is in Florida vehicles cannot stay more than 8 hours. The second is that we have read it is less safe to overnight in rest areas close to cities. So we moved to the Flying J down the interstate.

This morning was foggy and rainy, so we moved slowly, hoping for the fog to burn off.  After dropping off The Rider, The Crew went to check out Goodwood museum and gardens.The home was built in the 1840’s with the grounds filled with heirloom plants.


The neat thing about the house is that it feels like the owner just left.  All the furnishings and personal items, art and family photos belonged to people who lived there. A wealthy woman purchased it in 1912  to use it as a hunting lodge to entertain guests. People like Tolstoy and Helen Keller. She added cottages, a pool, and a roller rink.  The grounds are kept as they would have been in the 1800’s, slightly overgrown and are not overly manicured.

The Rider missed a turn and lengthened his route.  The positive part of this is that we were able to return to Shell Island Fish Camp to overnight.  It is in St. Marks on the river. We discovered this in 2012 and  enjoyed the spot. They only charged us $10 to camp overnight. Another place where the people make the difference.