Daily Archives: October 22, 2013

The Road Abode – Day 88 – October 22

We declared today a layover day, but we didn’t really lay over. The weather report called for 70 percent rain and it started drizzling in the morning.  We packed up and left at noon for a movie in Lake City, FL.  Before we departed, we noticed an overnight growth on the truck. It’s a good illustration of how damp everything gets.


My friend John wants to see what the truck looks like inside. so here are some inside shots of the Road Abode (my name for it). AKA the Sardine Can. It’s cozy, but doesn’t require much time to clean or dust!

Section 100 – October 21 – Day 87

Today we traveled Section 100 of the seven Southern Tier Route Maps. Section 1 in San Diego, CA was 2600+ miles, 87 camping days and I lost count of how many grocery store visits ago.

The day started with a waffle continental breakfast at the KOA – a first for us. Turns out the owners were originally from University Heights, OH.  More small world stuff.

Madison, FL was the today’s town of interest. The antique shops it is known for were unfortunately all closed on Mondays. But I enjoyed wandering around the square and main street area. I always try to imagine what it would have been like in the 1800’s when many of the homes were built.

Suwanee River State Park offered another top notch campground on the cycling route. There was a miraculously low mosquito population, considering it was on the river. I cooked my most successful stove-top dutch oven dish, lasagna for dinner. We enjoyed visiting with John & Susan Robinson from Durham, NC.