Ichetucknee Springs to the Devil’s Millhopper – Day 90 – October 24

This morning I hiked around a bit and took some pictures of the Main Spring and Blue Hole in the state park. Florida has more springs than any other place in the world. The karst terrain is characterized by underlying limestone and numerous sinkholes.  Along with the warm climate and heavy rainfall, springs thrive. The water emerging from the springs is purified by the aquifer for 40 years.  Year-round temperature is 72 degrees. If the air temperature had not been around 50 degrees when I was there, I would have been in the springs instead of looking at them. I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw friends’ Facebook posts of SNOW in northern Ohio.

My next stop was a Winn Dixie, then the nail salon next door. It was time.


I then headed into the Gainesville area to find The Rider. First I found the Devil’s Millhopper. Really. It’s a huge sinkhole, 155 feet deep with 212 steps to the bottom. I met a backpacker on the steps who does them 10 times for his workout. He said it’s the closest thing to a mountain in  the area.  Very exotic hole in the ground created thousands of years ago. Pictures do not do it justice.

Our destination campground today is Kate’s Fish Camp, on Newman’s lake just outside Gainesville.

Another travel quote, by Helen Hays:

“When traveling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance                     with your morning coffee”. ;-))

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