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Old McIrby’s Farm & Botanical Gardens – Day 91 – October 25

Yesterday we opted out of Kate’s Fish Camp and chose to cook dinner in a park nearby instead. And began a great evening.  A group of older guys were having a gathering at the pavilion across from us and one of them came over to investigate our truck and find out what we were about. When he learned that we did not have a place to camp for the night, he invited us to come home with him to his farm. Eventually, more of his friends came over to talk and learn about the unicycle trip. Long story short, the group was the Eastside Garden Club. They started either in 1939 or 1947 as a fishing group comprised of local businessmen. They would fish every Thursday, then play poker and drink through the evening.  Someone said the group needed a name and they should call themselves the Eastside Garden Club because they consumed so much Four Roses. It was really fun talking with them.

We had a very enjoyable evening camping at Marshall McIrby’s farm. I felt like I was part of Charlotte’s Web. As soon as we got there, everyone expected dinner and came running: donkey, geese, chickens, dogs, cat. Cattle were on their own. Marshall is a very interesting guy and a generous host that we were lucky to meet and get to know a little bit.

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In Gainesville, I discovered Kanapaha Botanical Gardens and had a great morning hiking around and taking photos. It’s  a wonderful place for wandering around and discovering its many environments and unusual gardens.

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