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The End of the Road: One Wheel in the Atlantic – Day 95 – October 29

DAVE DID IT! Our Unicycle Across America Road Trip, that began March 1 in San Diego, CA, ended today at noon. The Destination was Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, FL. The Rider stretched out the last 3 days’ rides to  arrive at the water’s edge in at the crack of noon ‘in case anyone was coming’. Here are some pictures of the finish.

As you can see, a lot of people we knew showed up, plus a number of people at the beach joined in to celebrate. It was a great surprise and I enjoyed coordinating secret logistics with the group. Dave showed amazing perseverance combined with mental and physical endurance and well-deserved the welcome he got. It has been a real adventure for both of us that created abundant memories and stories. Plus we’ve had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out to support The Rider (and The Crew):

Florida extended White family: Ruth Naegele, Joe Naegele and Nancy Naegele-Nichol (aunt & cousins who drove up from South Florida)

Mom & Sibs: Bea White, Suzi Ramos and Katie Hamric (who organized the surprise & flew the the Ohioans in)

Dennis & Dorothea Quinn (friends who drove from Sarasota)

Eva Hottinger (BOCC friend we stayed with in Satsuma for 3 nights)

After the beach gathering, we packed up and drove to New Smyrna Beach, FL, where Nancy has a home near the beach. We had a great time celebrating some more and enjoying the sunset on the beach. This morning we all went for a ride.

For my last Unicycle Road Trip blog post, I want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way – neighbors who watch our homes; siblings who accept our mail; Jo Ann and David who shared their cross-country ride expertise; old friends with phone calls & comments on the Blogs and Facebook; new friends we’ve met on the road; those of you who invited us into your homes & RVs, provided a place to stay, bought dinner or drinks and the campground owners who gave us a good deal to support the Ride.  A special thanks to those who gave financial support to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. Raising awareness and funds for ALS in memory of Bob White, Dave’s dad, gave this Ride a purpose and made it more than a road trip.

Bob and Ruth White with their father

Bob and Ruth White with their father