Las Vegas in February

Las Vegas: WOW!

glitzy, fun, money, gambling, eating, bright, smoky casinos, acceptance.

choices, unique, entertaining, neon, drinking, expensive, lost in a crowd,

miles of pavement. sunny, overwhelming, shows, endless buffets,

diverse, great freeways, dry air, parks, hidden surprises, talent.

I’ve been curious about seeing Vegas and had the perfect opportunity to go with my friend Janet in February. Weather in northern Ohio has been snowy in the single digits on a regular basis lately and the prediction for Las Vegas was in the 60s.  Sounded great to me. We visited Janet’s son Brian as guests in his home. He was a gracious host and I really enjoyed being with people who knew their way around. I also liked coming and going from “The Strip” and all that makes it what it is.

The Strip –

The DIvas – The highlight of my trip

By day, Brian is an RN. By night he regularly mc’s The Divas, a very entertaining show. Sometimes i’d forget that the performers were not the real stars! I definitely wasn’t in Ohio any more.

Out and About – We used our rental car to visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and The Springs Preserve, both within 30 minutes of The Strip. The Canyon was inspiring, with a 13 mile loop drive. The Preserve had a DaVinci exhibit.

Another highlight of the trip – getting together with my cousin Tom, who was in town on business from his home in Atlanta.


The trip satisfied my curiosity about Las Vegas and Janet and I had a great time traveling together.

One thought on “Las Vegas in February

  1. Babs

    You didn’t mention that we were in Las Vegas in ’71 where our parents left us at the motel pool when they went to a show.


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