Daily Archives: June 13, 2014

In the Czech Republic

Last week I arrived in Prague for a month-long visit with family in the Czech Republic. Most of the time I will live with Lenka and Ivo Svobodnik/ova and there two boys, Oto (2.5 years) and Eda (7 months). My hope was to help with the kids and be here long enough to lose the feeling of being a tourist. So far it’s going great. Malvina is also providing a cat fix.

They have a flat in Prague and spend weekends in Tchoƙovice, in South Bohemia. Their weekend house is where my grandfather, Frantisek Drnek, was born. I met Lenka and many Drnek relatives in July 2004, when I first came to CR on an REI hiking trip. I will save that story for another post.  Long story short is that I have more relatives here than in the USA because only my grandfather and one sister left in 1903. Lenka, I and the boys are spending 10 days in the village, population 200, with Ivo here on weekends. My international dishwashing, baby entertaining, gardening and laundry-hanging skills are coming in handy!

Saturday, June 7, we hosted a Drnek family party. It was a wonderful all day, all night affair. As I learned on two previous visits, the family enjoys each other’s company and knows how to throw a good party. I had the opportunity to meet even more cousins, some of whom were already Facebook friends.  While my Czech is minimal, several family members speak English. The pivo and vino also seemed to enhance everyone’s language skills, or at least our enthusiasm.

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