In the Village – Tchorovice, June 5-15

My first week in the village passes quickly. Our routine centered on the boys, who make life very busy. A much different lifestyle than I’m used to and it’s giving me even more respect for the parents of young children. Especially when there are two of them. The kids are great and a lot of fun. Another cousin has two kids and a friend three, so it’s a lively group.

The weather was in the upper 80’s and humid for 4 days, so we swam often at the new pool in Blatna and a lake in the forest. The lake is really a fish “pond” where carp are raised. The area is full of these, with varying sizes of fish, a part of the local economy. One day, two very competent nine year old boys rowed me around the Tchorovice pond, a very special invitation. Fanda, a cousin, is also the frog catcher in the photo.

Tchorovice’s population is about 200. A village hall, playground, picnic shelter and pub make up the village center. People are very friendly and welcoming.

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Blatna, the largest community in the area is the destination for grocery shopping, with several small shops and a large grocery. I did my first solo drive to tour the Blatna Castle. It is set in a large park open to the public and has a herd of fallow deer that love to eat out of visitors’ hands.

blatna castlemeat marketphoto 1

I rode to Blatna on a bike and did a little exploring. My first stop was Cyclosport shop to buy a helmet. Very few adults wear them here, but I am afraid not to. Many drivers on the winding roads take their half out of the middle.