More Trip Highlights – Czech Republic

Second-last blog, Posted from Ohio, after the trip. I’m still re-entering the real world!

After returning from the mountains,  I went with Ivo to see his friend’s Klezmer band play in a deconsecrated synagogue in Prague. Viktor is a human rights attorney who moonlights as a drummer and obviously loves it. The band was great and included members from Belarus and Romania.


Following the Berlin trip, the remainder of the trip was based at the weekend house in Tchorovice. I was glad to be back after packing in so many experiences the previous week.  Recovery time for the Berlin trip took two days.  It felt familiar and the slower pace was good. I felt comfortable driving to Blatna and negotiating the grocery stores. Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to garden wherever I go. I had decided earlier to “adopt” it & have fun with garden therapy. It’s actually a small, fenced yard with lots of potential and plants inherited from the grandparents. In Cimelice, I enjoyed Alena Drnkova’s beautiful flowers and yard. The snails in these gardens are HUGE.

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When Ivo returned to Prague on Sunday night for the workweek, I rode along for one more day in the city. It’s my fourth visit, but I can’t seem to get enough of it.  It was a long day, with several metro rides, museums and walking around the city.  The best part was feeling confident using the metro. It’s a fairly new, easy system that is heavily used. The only intimidating part is the steep escalators.  I noted that people are reading books, magazines and newspapers everywhere. Lots of smartphones, but the digital media impact seems less than at home. That evening we met friends for a pub dinner and walked along the Vltava River. From my perspective, the river is the heart of the city. With it’s many bridges, boats, restaurants, botels, riverwalk, walkers and cyclists, it’s alive.

I took the bus back to Cimelice the next day, a very pleasant 1.5 hour ride. Another example of a user-friendly public transportation system. In order to finally get this published, I’ll save the rest of the story for another blog post. Now that I’m home, my own yard is consuming my time when I’m anywhere near it. I haven’t been inside much to sit down, edit photos and write.

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