Back to the Czech Republic

In 2004 I came to the Czech Republic for an REI hiking trip, fell strongly “in like” with a country and found family that I had never met. Blog posts from July 2014 tell the story, so I won’t repeat it, you can look back in the blog to read if interested. Now here I am again, in the Drnek family home in Tchorovice for an extended visit.

Disclaimer: many Czech words I use will not be technically correct because I don’t have the accent marks (that change pronunciations and meanings) on my keyboard.

I arrived last Thursday after 24 hours of no sleep. There is just no easy way to get here, even though all connections were smooth. It was great to see everyone again and did not feel like a year had passed. The real measurement was how much the two little boys had grown.

The theme for the weekend was airplanes and hockey. A fly-in for small planes and ultra-lights happened Saturday at the village airfield. Would have loved it if John Graham appeared. He didn’t, but I did talk with a German who had been to Oshkosh.

The hockey world championships were in Prague, a huge event where the national sport IS hockey. We watched the Czechs beat Finland, then USA beat Czechs for the bronze medal. I was sorry it wasn’t the other way around because hockey means so much more to the people here, where everyone seems to be a fan, than it does at home at home. Their only consolation was that we were not the Russian team.

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