Post #2 – Cycling, Painting, Pisek & Lipno

May 28, 2015

I’m already behind on my trip blogging, but I guess that means I’m busy. Here are a few highlights of last week.

#1 – a really nice bike ride about a nine mile loop around the village area. Passed through four small villages and visited the family cemetery in Kocelavice. I would describe the terrain as gently rolling. Every village has a chapel built in the late 1800’s and a World War 1 memorial. There are old shrines in many fields as this was one mostly Catholic country.

#2 – Painting outdoor furniture. It rained all week, so I was fortunate to have a large barn to work in and enthusiastic help. We picked a teal green and I went at it for three days. I wanted to do this for Lanka and Ivo last year, but ran out of time. We were happy with the result.

#3 – A visit to Pisek, where they have the best sand sculptures ever!

#4 – Day Trip to Lipno, in the Sumava mountain area, south on the Austrian border. This is a ski area with a boardwalk above the tree level, challenge playground, challenge walks and nature exhibits, plus a huge viewing tower. The view was spectacular. It is on the largest lake in Czech Republic and is a very popular area for boating, cycling and camping. No surprise that I loved it!

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