Post # 3 – Prague, Celakovice, Barbeques & Kids

I spent part of last week with cousins Jana and Jan Drnek in Celakovice and Prague. A long day in Prague covered a lot of ground exploring places I had not seen. Interesting sculptures appear all over the city. We rode the funicular up to Petrin Park and climbed the 1891 tower with a great view of the city. Following a lunch at St.Norbert’s brewery, I visited Strahov Monastery Library with another cousin Matej. It was on list of the top 20 best libraries in the world, so I was curious. No flashes allowed, so no photo.

The next day I saw the Letna area of Prague and met Jan (Jr.) and Teresa in their new flat. Later in the day, Jan’s English teacher demonstrated how he crafts wooden bowls and we ate dinner with him at a cool pub in the forest.

When I returned to Tchorovice, the it was a collage of different experiences. Thursday was a funeral for Lenka’s grandfather. Followed by the Blatna Arts Academy program that I attended to see another cousin and village friends perform. A day of contrasts. Evening barbeques and the Burza(a really BIG flea market) finished the week.

I must admit that the kids are a highlight of the trip. Never a dull moment!

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